Aid in Northern Ireland

Aid in Northern Ireland. Ireland has historically been a country that has gone through struggle for independence from Britain and has also been a country that has gone through struggle internally as well. The republican organization in northern Ireland has made it its duty to break down the borders that make Ireland separate. Breaking down these borders will unify the country which is a goal that many in the area of northern Ireland want to realize in the future. The republican group wants to eliminate the partition that set’s the six counties of northern Ireland apart in doing this and restore peace to the Irish people. In breaking down the borders of northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland many believe that the economy plays a major part. The good Friday agreement being implemented between the countries of Ireland and Britain will help in restoring the government to the local parties in Ireland and also increase the aid from the south of Ireland as they have a substantially better economy than that of the north. For example the corporate tax in the north is higher than that of the south by about 20% and the border between the two sections of the country are forced to deal with two different currencies.

One of the obstacles to peace between northern and southern Ireland in addition to the different economies is the police and who controls them. The police are also known as the RUC and the PSNI and they have taken a big role when it comes to the murdering of activists that want to see northern and southern Ireland connected and united. This is a major setback to movements to implement the Good Friday agreement and to unite Ireland into one whole country but many politicians and statesmen in northern Ireland are working to eliminate this threat for good.